The Knabe Concert Grand Piano Restoration

Knabe Concert Grand Piano at the Plaza Hotel Ballroom, Las Vegas, New Mexico

The piano in the Plaza Hotel Ballroom was purchased by Allan Affeldt in 2016. This instrument was made in Baltimore in 1909 during the heyday of American piano manufacturing. The greatest companies – Knabe, Steinway, Chickering, Mason and Hamlin – competed with each other, but Steinway is the only company to survive. In the early 1900s Knabe was the choice of the Metropolitan Opera and many important pianists of the day. Meadow City Academy of Music is working with the Plaza Hotel to restore this instrument to its full potential. Paul Dixon and Kevin Zoernig are the technicians involved in this ambitious project.

I have enjoyed playing the Knabe concert grand piano during the different phases of the restoration, and the experience is like going back in time. It is wonderful to have this instrument in our community and audiences have expressed their delight in experiencing its special sound.

-Ronald Maltais


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