Lone Piñon – A Musical Evening in Tribute to Antonia Apodaca

Last night was so awesomely incredibly wonderful that I am (ALMOST) speechless.  It was a joy musically, culturally, and personally.  Lone Piñon truly designed an homage to Doña Antonia.  She opened and closed the show, and was credited with writing or recording most of the selections, along her husband, Macario.  Her family and friends came out in force and were still outnumbered by her fans and devoted new friends.  Lone Piñon was a dream come true for those of us who want to see the culture live on in younger generations.  They didn’t just perform the old songs in the old ways, but they embraced them.  They OWNED them!  Watching generations tapping their feet and then dancing together was a beautiful thing to behold.  Thank you, Ronald Maltais, for pulling this together, presenting it so beautifully, and strengthening the connections of love and respect between generations and cultures in such a gloriously memorable way.  I love Las Vegas, New Mexico!

Con cariño, respeto, y gratitud,

Susie Tsyitee

Man what an amazing night in Las Vegas!!! To be able to play with Antonio Apodaca was an honor of my life. A woman with tears in her eyes came up to me and said” we will never have a night like this again. History was made and I will remember this for the rest of my life. Thank you.” I feel the same way. I was so mesmerized by the moment that I didn’t get any photos or video but these memories will be engrained in my mind until my dying day. It’s truly amazing the experiences we gain as musicians and I am very thankful for people like Tony ,that have been playing for over 80 years, to help us learn not only music but life. It’s a beautiful morning and join us in Santa Fe at The Lensic Performance Space from 2-5 to keep the party going.

Noah Martinez, Lone Piñon Trio

Antonia Apodaca
Antonia Apodaca


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