Alex Pera-Angels


Alex Perea-Angles

My name is Alex Perea-Angles, and I’m a second year student at New Mexico Highlands University. I am currently in the process of getting my BS in Biology and a minor in computer sciences. Under the supervision of Ron, I have been receiving singing lessons. My singing skills are now developing and transforming in exciting ways, and I am more confident with singing in public. A strong attention to detail, articulate, patient, and disarming, it quickly becomes natural to learn under Ron. I find my time in our lessons to be very relaxing and therapeutic, and I often leave smiling and singing long after our time is up.

Aaron Garcia


Aaron Garcia

My Name is Aaron Garcia. I am 12 years old and I will start seventh grade in the fall at West Las Vegas Middle School. My favorite subject in school is Math. I also enjoy playing soccer. I started taking piano lessons in May with Ron and I really enjoy it. I am happy that I have been able to learn to read music and hope to become better at it with time.

Diana Yaquby


Diana Yaquby

I am Diana Yaquby, second-year student at the United World College in USA. I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. Being raised in such an environment is not easy, because one will spend all life with the fear of war, torture, violence and suicide attacks. Not only that being a woman, or a girl is also hard in such community, due to the fact that you will need to follow the cultural rules and regulations of the society which in some cases it would cost you not to follow your dreams and goals. I was not able to learn any musical instrument back home, only because people think that it is a shame for girls to play an instrument. I am very fortunate that I have a supportive family which helps me accomplish my goals and allowed me to start my studies in such a wonderful environment called United World College. After I came here, I got the opportunity to study Piano which was one of my childhood dreams. I believe that my UWC and piano experience will enable me to support more girls back in Afghanistan and be their role model to pursue their dreams and never give up. I am so happy and blessed for it.

Marty Montoya


marty verticle

Hi, my name is Marty, I am 12 years old and go to Rio Gallinas Charter School.I have a sponsor who gave me an opportunity to go to Meadow City Academy of Music to learn to play an instrument of my choice.I chose to play the flute because I like the sound it makes and it’s buttons,I got lucky someone donated one just as I made the decision to play one. I would like to thank my sponsor and Ron Maltais the director and Mr. Steve Leger my instructor.I am enjoying learning how to play a flute.

Joaquin Romero



My name is Joaquin Romero and I am from Mora, NM. I have studied piano with Ron Maltais for over a year and I have learned a lot from him. I am very privileged to have him as my teacher. He has been teaching me pieces by composers like Debussy and Schumann, which I really enjoy, and I feel I have progressed as a musician. In the Fall, I will be in the 11th grade at Mora High School. I am involved in MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement) and am a member of the Student Council. I am part of the church choir and youth group at St. Gertrude’s Parish and a member of Sembrando Semillas, a summer youth project for learning about acequias and agriculture. I am also an alum of the United World College Global Leadership Forum. I also work with my family on our ranch helping raise cows and chickens and helping my mom with her garden and crops.

Alyssa Garcia


IMG_0139 (2).JPG

My name is Alyssa Garcia. I am 15 years old and a sophomore at West Las Vegas High School. A few of the classes I am currently taking include Honors Choir, Honors English II, and AP Chemistry. I enjoy singing because it is a way to express myself. I would like to thank Meadow City Academy of Music for allowing me the opportunity to take voice lessons.

Ry Mohon

Music Technology/Electronic Music

Ry (002)
As a recent music school graduate, I have found opportunity in the strangest places. I worked using my undergrad in Music Business and found little pride in the work. I came back to Santa Fe with the ambition to carve a better path for myself as a musician. I’m working with David Cragin with the intention of expanding my music production experience. This involves observing, producing, and collaborating on a variety of different projects. His space serves an unconventional setup, a playground for a budding producer that provokes so much creativity. I look to his experience as advice and am thankful for his contribution of time, equipment, and guidance!

Jacob Armijo


I am interested in guitar and in music because playing music is fun. In my free time I play video games, play baseball and football and play guitar. Playing guitar and studying with Quintin Leger will help me in my future if I get really good. My favorite genre of music is Rock or Metal. My favorite food is pizza and I like ice cream. I participate in sports like Baseball, Football, Wrestling, and Cross Country. I am 13 years old and in the 7th grade. I attend West Las Vegas Middle School.

Maria Barela


Michael Pacheco