Ron Maltais, Founder Meadow City Academy of Music
Ronald Maltais, Director, Meadow City Academy of Music

The Meadow City Academy of Music, founded by artistic director Ronald Maltais in the spring of 2017, has set out to provide excellent musical/dance training and performances for the Las Vegas, New Mexico, community. The Castañeda Concert Series, launched in September 2016, seeks to present professional New Mexico musicians and dancers in venues throughout our city. We are proud to announce that the Castañeda Concert Series has featured 32 New Mexico artists since the beginning of 2017. Meadow City Academy of Music events included 6 concerts, 3 Flamenco shows, 10 dance classes and 3 theater screenings at 6 Las Vegas venues. Due to the generosity of our donors, we are now beginning to offer music scholarships for Las Vegas youth.